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Join Nurses around the country who feel the same about protecting and standing up for their profession.

Speak with ONE VOICE through joining The National Registered Nurses Professional Organization.
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 Other Nurses and Friends Speak Out 

Florence Nightingale didn't need a union to create change. She used sheer willpower, compassion, professionalism and determination to do the right thing for her patients and other nurses!

Let us hold the lamp high and show others the way. Don't find yourself standing
on a picket line to create change. We remind you of the nurses in Northern California
who were on strike for thirteen months.
Use your voice and be a role model for others who are watching.

Work for change in the right way!

Send us your comments! Together, we can network, share our thoughts
and support each other in our profession.

1/24/08  Hello to RNs at One Voice - Our Voice!
We are happy to announce that we have won the right to an NLRB sanctioned
Decertification Election.  It is our belief that a sufficient number of RNs working at Pomona Valley Hospital are unhappy with the representation they've received from SEIU and no longer wish to be represented by this
unprofessional union.  The election is set for February 13 & 14th 2008

We ask that you support us in prayer and in spirit as we undertake this campaign!
We would love to hear from some of you who support our cause
Jeanne Badertscher

8/18/07 All California Tenet RN's are not happy with the CNA

I  am still  very loud and along with my fellow nurses, still fighting for an open shop here at Norris Hospital.  I feel that we  probably will lose this also.  We recently just had an election for a statewide ratification ( which was only annouced to us in a very short notice last Friday).  I am so sick with these poor practices of the CNA.  There is still no contract and I am hoping that the bargaining will forever go on.  I have a friend who recently left Norris and joined your hospital.  He is so impressed with your hospital and he is proud that he is working in a non-union environment.  I do go into your web site often to keep my light burning.  Continue your great work and you are still a HUGE INSPIRATION to me!

8/11/07 Many messages received from our friends in St. Lois, Missouri

  • We decertified our union last pm - overwhelming margin!  Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.
  • Nurses at St. John's Mercy in St. Louis voted 1026 to 685 to DECERTIFY the UFCW and remain union free by voting down the SEIU!!!!!
  • Thanks for the banner about our election on your home page!


  • Great site! Thank you! John Miller

8/08/07 Many messages received from our friends at Mt. Sinai  in Chicago

  • Thank you so much! This has been a long and arduous battle, and I almost don't know what to do with myself now that it is over! I will definitely check out your ( website and share it with my colleagues. Thanks for your support during this very tough time.
  • Your site has been very helpful and inspiring.  

06/19/07  Just wanted to comment on a thought I had.  Did you hear that Michael Moore was a speaker at the CNA rally at the California State Capitol one week ago.  Today I saw him again on the TV show "The View" talking against HMOs and promoting socialized medicine. Where do think this puts our jobs, without privitization where do you think our salaries and respect will lay. And CNA had him speak at their rally, where do you think they stand? For Nurses? Julie  ~ Bethel Island, CA



Hi All at "One Voice-Our Voice"
Happy Nurses Week!
It makes me proud to read about what you stand for and the inspiration you are giving others. The website is great as well as the message!
Congratulations, Suzanne Geimer, on your Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Nursing Award of Excellence for your contributions to the Emergency Deprtment given Monday May 7  as a part of the Nurses week festivitivies!
Your colleague,
Marilyn Shirk

March 30, 2007

I had decided years ago to abstain from CNA membership for moral reasons years ago.  The large hospital I worked for was fully aware of my position and told me it was between me and CNA.  It seems CNA lately became more powerful and I became terminated due to great pressure applied to my hospital from CNA,  I applaud your struggle to break from this organization.  It is no longer an asset to nurses, but giant money grabbing machine willing to destroy whatever gets between them and their agenda.

Julie Moore
Bethel, CA

Thank you JULIE..............For telling the truth. We salute you!

February 24, 2007

The RNs at Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside have filed to decertify the CNA.  Our vote is February 28th.  Your site has been very helpful to get the facts out to our nurses, promote professionalism and to stop the CNA.  Thank you and wish us luck! I hope to be sending you good news soon.

October 27, 2006
Hello Everyone! I am very pleased to inform you that the RN's at Inland Valley Hospital in Wildomar, CA voted last night in a decertification election to remove the California Nurses Association as their exclusive collective bargaining agents by a margin of 113-95! The results will become official after a determination is made regarding the challenged votes (won't change the outcome.)  We support all the nurses out their who are fighting to keep their own voices!

Sincerely, Debbie Moss
Congratulations to Debbie and all the professional nurses at Inland Valley Hospital who choose to speak for themselves. WE SALUTE YOU!!!
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